Fitness with Friends #2 Announcement – The Ultimate Beach Workout

Fitness with Friends #2 Announcement – The Ultimate Beach Workout


Date: 11th June 2016, 17.30pm – 20.00pm
Location: Salty Wave Beach Club, Schinias, Athens

On the 11th June I will host my second fitness event in Schinias! The venue is where I will also be giving my windsurfing lessons this season, it’s called Salty Wave!

This event is special as we will have with us Areti Mastrodouka, the only greek woman who has won several World titles in Boxing and Kickboxing. Aretis’ distinctions include the Global Boxing Union Female World lightweight title, WIBF Female World superfetherweight title, WBF Female World superfetherweight title and Women’s International Masters Title. Areti has a BSc in Sports Science from the Greek Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Science in Athens and is a certified boxing / kick-boxing coach. Do I need to say more? The GBU, WIBF, WBF are all world titles in professional boxing and just by seeing pictures of Areti, it’s obvious that what she does runs in her blood.


Personally, what connects me with Areti is that she flew high in competitive boxing and managed to pin Greece on the world map of boxing and kickboxing, without any help from the greek state. Greece doesn’t have a professional boxing federation, so she had to use her own forces, virtues and talent to do what she did. She aimed to the sky and she made it. Having competed myself worldwide in a category of windsurfing which is not supported by the greek sailing federation, I know many of the hardships and challenges Areti has faced and I know how bad she wanted it. I know the magnitude of her talent and determination and her love for what she does, so I want all of you to meet her!

I have some pictures of Aretis’ team here, just to get you pumped about learning how to give some stylish punches! For more info on Areti, you can have a look at her website and facebook page.


The evening will start at 17.30pm with Areti taking us through a boxing workshop. This will be low impact as most of the group -including me!- are unfamiliar with boxing. After a small break for water we shall go straight into a fun yet challenging workout on the beach led by me. When the final siren goes off and everyone has been pushed to their limits, we will refuel with a healthy dinner and lots of water of course!

Bookings close on the 7th of June and spaces available are limited, so:


please call/text me on 6936923720, drop me an email or use the form below!


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