Group_photoI absolutely love connecting with people and sharing my passion for windsurfing and practicing sports. If I had the chance, I would get everyone in my city on a windsurfing board and through any kind of movement. A great way to manage this urge I have is through hosting events like seminars, group workouts or even whole days of spending time together talking about these things or exchanging the stories and challenges we face in our journeys. I’m always keen on getting everybody to move a little more. You can’t improve your fitness without moving, plus it feels so great working out in a group, helping each other stay active and healthy. Whenever I do host this kind of events, I’ll make sure I’ll post details right here, so you can stay up to date with what’s happening.

If you want to hear about upcoming events, please drop me a line here. If you’re a trainer, brand or company and want me to get involved in an event with you, you can drop me a message.


I hosted a Stand-Up Paddle meetup, sponsored by Aqua Marina! Check out my blogpost for the full report, video and pictures.

I ran a SUP Fitness workout where we toned our legs, upper body and core and did some fun cardio exercises on  the boards as well! Check out my blog for pictures!
SUP Fitness

I hosted a fitness beach challenge together with Eftichia Giannoglou. We did a sweaty workout followed by a SUP session and party at the beach! You can check my blog for pictures.


I organized a beach workout with Areti Mastrodouka, world champion in boxing and kickboxing. The event started with boxing from Areti, followed with a bootcamp by me and then we ate an epic salad from Foodiefunk. My own summary of the event is available on my blog!


I hosted my first fitness event on 23rd April, 2016. The event included a 70′ group circuit workout, followed by a healthy lunch, seminar / open discussion about athletic nutrition and some epic goodie bags. My own summary of the event is available on my blog.


I hosted a Windsurfing & Yoga event on September 5th & 6th, 2015. The guests enjoyed a day of windsurfing, a day of standup paddling and a yoga class – along with an awesome night out on Paros island. My own summary of the weekend is available on my blog.


For past windsurfing events & pictures, you can have a look in my gallery (link down below)!

Girl Camp Poster1 Poster camp2