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I always make sure I am eating a balanced diet, which helps my good overall well-being and keeps me fuelled for any day. As a windsurfing instructor and personal trainer, I get up early in the morning to make time for my own workouts, work many hours during the day and have minimal down time. I always plan my meals and use Bacharopoleio for my superfoods. Their Acai Berry, Maca, Guarana, whey, pea protein powders (all organic), energy bars and other goodies make it easy for me to stay fuelled when I go all out. I even have a discount for you, the code EVITSAPE gets you 10% off on non-discounted superfoods and if you’re on a lucky strike, it gets you free superfood goodies with any order as well!
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Marianna is my nutritionist and she helps me stay on track every season – I can always depend on her if I’m teaching long hours or training hard in the gym.
Marianna holds an MSc in Sports Nutrition. She has been an athlete in running and kickboxing since her adolescence; that’s when her passion for nutrition grew. Through training and competitions, she realized the importance of healthy and balanced eating not only in sports but in all aspects of life. She loves to share and spread her knowledge and experience and works with people from all walks of life, including professional and recreational athletes.
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