I have been teaching people how to windsurf for 11 years now and I have been coaching windsurfing athletes during the last 4 years. I have introduced hundreds of people to the sport of windsurfing and helped windsurfers improve, break their plateau and remove bad sailing habits.Windsurfing1

In 2008, I organized the first “girls windsurfing camp” in Greece, aiming to introduce more girls to the sport and inspire them to progress in windsurfing. Between 2008 and 2011, my girls’ camps boasted a total of 300 participants.

I have also been actively involved with coaching children in windsurfing: I have established the windsurfing academy of a prominent greek private school, ran windsurfing camps and regular coaching sessions for school children.

You can read reviews from people who have trained with me on Google and Facebook.

What I can do for you:

If you are a beginner, we shall start with a big board and small sail, which will have you sailing out and back on your first lesson. I will teach you how to pick up the sail and get going, steer the board, control power in the sail and turn around. Then we will progress to tacking, jibing, learning how to sail upwind and beach-starting.

If you are an intermediate or advanced sailor, I can teach you everything from stance and using the harness to waterstarting, planing, carve gybing, looping, wavesailing and freestyle, according to your specific needs. I will break moves down for you, coach you on the water and give you valuable feedback to ensure your progress.

Whatever the barrier to sticking that new (or old) thing you’re trying, I will do my best to help you!Windsurfing2

Windsurfing advice and seminars:
I have organized and participated in several windsurfing seminars where I have introduced basic windsurfing techniques to people who have never tried the sport before. I have also coached smaller, more advanced groups, addressing specific topics pertaining to windsurfing techniques and concepts.

If there is any theoretical or background issue you’d like help with or if you have any question related to a technique, equipment choice or setup, you can drop me a line!

Windsurfing sessions take place in Karavi, Schinias beach, Athens.