Why you should start windsurfing this season

Why you should start windsurfing this season


Spring is around the corner and I have started receiving phone calls from people who are considering starting windsurfing. I still remember my first season on a windsurfing board; it was back in 2001. Looking back, year after year, I can see how practicing windsurfing has changed my life.


Here are my top reasons why you should try it:

1. Windsurfing is a great way to exercise
Let’s be honest, even the most dedicated gym rats don’t like working out in four walls with air-condition between May and September – especially in Greece. Even if you’re exercising outdoors, you’d still be better off getting your workout on the water, getting a tan and sun-blitzed hair. Windsurfing will give you a great total body workout and you’ll be having so much fun you won’t even realize you are working out until it’s time to get back to the beach. Plus, if you’re already at the beach, you’ll avoid the summer heat and all these racket balls flying around whilst you are trying to relax on your sun bed.

2. You can windsurf at any age

You are never too old to start windsurfing (I’ve taken up a retired man and coached him until he became a regular windsurfer – this guy literally lives to windsurf!) plus you’re investing your time and energy in a sport that you can practice until a late age.IMG_0704

3. You will have better work-life balance
Let’s face it, life has its ups and downs and nothing is running perfectly all the time. Escaping to the beach on any late afternoon or during the weekend will help you de-stress and take a fresh look at any problem you are faced with. Whilst on the water you need to be in the “here and now”, which leaves no room for thinking; it’s the perfect way to switch off from whatever else is happening in your life. It’s just you, your equipment and the wind.

4. You will be part of a great community
Windsurfers come from all walks of life. People who develop a passion for windsurfing usually get along well with each other, because they have common things to share. There are no rivalries or anything petty that you sometimes find in other sports. Windsurfers help each other with equipment choices and techniques, sharing their experiences and knowledge – discussions can last for hours on the beach and you can even get good feedback on life issues. This creates a great vibe and a friendly community.

5. You will never get bored
A problem with a lot of sports is that at some point you reach a limit where you do the same things over and over again. It’s the same scenery, the same movements and the same mistakes. With windsurfing, you can never have two sessions that are alike. You can always do something better or learn something new. Most of my students tell me they’ve never had a bad session, plus the mishaps are usually more interesting than the average good days!IMG_0733

6. There is no motor involved
If you like the water and know how to swim, you are going to have a blast. Windsurfing is a bit complicated in the beginning, as it requires some coordination, balance and patience, but once you get set up and running you are guaranteed to get the ride of your life – every time! You will become obsessed with wind if you fall in love with windsurfing!

7. You will build your self-confidence
I can guarantee that windsurfing will make you a more confident and relaxed person. There is nothing like trying something and achieving it. Every windsurfing session is about learning how to do new things with your body and the equipment. This is the most rewarding thing you can ever try.

To sum up, make sure you get in touch with a qualified instructor, put on your best smile, grab your bathing suit, your sunglasses, some sunscreen and a towel and hit the water!

See you out there,