Why kids love windsurfing

Why kids love windsurfing


I can’t even begin to describe how happy I feel when I am teaching children to windsurf. Coaching children and watching them grow stronger and more confident every day is one of the most rewarding things I have done so far.

This season I have been regularly coaching children as young as 5.5 and as old as 18; they have taught me a lot and they have helped me become a better coach and person. Take a look at what’s happening on the water:

Here are my top reasons why kids love windsurfing:

1. They love being able to “drive” at the age of 5, 8, 9 or even 15
And sometimes, they go really fast! On a windsurfer, you are the motor and pilot at the same time. You are using your body to go as fast as you want on the water. As soon as they figure out how to catch the wind in their sail, they have their own vehicle and they can do what they want with it.IMG_5424

2. Windsurfing gives them a limitless amount of different experiences
Every day in the water is different. They just take in all the sensations and they test their body and minds’ strength against natures’ elements: sea, wind and waves! When it’s windy, they get really excited.

3. They feel free
Children love to play and express their feelings. Once they get confident, they are just flying on the water! They are so happy doing it that sometimes I have a hard time asking them to not scream from excitement during our sessions.

4. They like being good at something their parents won’t even consider learning
Windsurfing is regarded by some as a difficult sport. I have met adults who have tried to learn with friends’ equipment, unqualified instructors or in unsuitable conditions and they gave up trying. Children just love to fall in the water trying new things and they feel really proud when they manage to do something their parents won’t even try.

More to come!
Evi xx