Stand Up Paddle Fitness workout

Stand Up Paddle Fitness workout


When you get a good group of people together at the beach, you can be sure to teach a great class!
On Saturday 30/7 I taught my first SUP Fitness class. I organised it together with Nikos Mafounis, the SUP instructor of Salty Wave beach club, where my windsurfing school is hosted.
All the participants were girls and they were all round amazing. Most of them are quite active and working out regularly. Coming from different sports, I wanted to challenge their core stability and take them through a full body workout on a stand up paddle board.
 Stand Up Paddle Fitness is a great way to work your body for many reasons: to start with, you are exercising on a board in the water, which means that all sorts of tiny muscles which are usually not challenged when working on the ground are all engaged! Second, especially when you are standing up on the board, your core as well as your balance and proprioception are working to support you! Third, it’s much cooler in the summer to exercise on the waters’ surface than anywhere else! As if this isn’t enough of a challenge, I threw in almost every exercise possible and put the girls through their paces for a whole hour!
We started with some dynamic stretching exercises to warm ourselves up and then focused on toning and strengthening our legs, alternating between standing, kneeling and lying exercises to work all the muscles!
Then it was time for upper body toning, so we grabbed our resistance bands and worked our back, chest, shoulders and arms!
After that we did some fun cardio drills and finished off with core exercises for a strong axial skeleton and a nice stretching and dip in the water for cool-down.
Of course there were a few dives here and there and we all had a good laugh. Standing up on a board doesn’t leave room for losing your focus!

The feedback from the girls was fantastic; teaching fitness in my element -which is the water- makes me feel in the flow. Thanks for making me happy girls!

We’re making this a regular Saturday class, as many of the participants are keen on working out on boards! If you’re near the area, consider joining one of the next sessions!

Below you can find some photos from the workout, I promise to edit a short video as soon as I find some time. I’m flat out with teaching on the water and the gym at the moment, but I will update this blogpost as soon as I catch my breath.
Hope to see you out there!

Stay fit,


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