My journey so far

My journey so far


*this post has been added for those who want to know a bit more about me, as I have replaced the info on my “about me” page!

A long time ago
Back when I was 18, I attended Athens University of Economics and Business to study Business and Management. A few years later I graduated with a Bachelor and a Masters Degree with specialisation in management and technology. Growing up, I was a “high flyer” in school and my teachers conspired with my parents to push me towards a profession with “high status” and “good prospects for a career and a good salary”.Beach
I wasn’t made for working behind a desk, though. I have always had a talent for anything physical. I tried every sport there is when I was young and knew I was made for that. I was a competitive swimmer during elementary school and played volleyball throughout my high school years. When I turned 21, the sport of windsurfing won me over. 5 years after picking up the sport, I started competing on an international level in the World Championship of the PWA. Although I didn’t pursue a “proper” professional career as an athlete, I did quite well in international events, including 2nd in one of the competitions in Gran Canaria 2008, 5th overall PWA Wave in 2009 as well as 2011. I also hold the greek wave & freestyle title in women.

Life changing events
My journey involves two major upsets where I had to change course. I had an accident whilst training jumps on the water in March 2010: I sustained a quadruple fracture on the body of my C2 vertebra. Second accident: April 2014, I was hit by a vehicle whilst crossing the street. The bumper of that car hit me right under the knee and I sustained a 6th degree tibial plateau fracture on my right leg. Although this accident marked the end of my competitive aspirations it turned out to be a blessing, too. As we say in Greece, ill winds blow somebody (or somewhere) good! After several months in rehab/physiotherapy, I realised that my natural working environment is not a desk and a computer (although I do spend a lot of time studying and learning!!); I became increasingly interested in learning how the human body works, decided to start coaching people in windsurfing and embarked on a new career as a coach to help people practice sports, maintain a healthy body, fight disease and reach their goals.

Decisions@the beach
My first experience teaching windsurfing was in 2008 and I started doing it without any proper qualification. I organised the first “girls windsurfing camp” in Greece, aiming to introduce more girls to the sport and inspire them to progress in windsurfing. Between 2008 – 2011, my girls camps had a total of 300 participants, a record number for Greece. In 2011 I completed my first windsurfing coach certification.
Another step I took towards becoming a full time coach was quitting the world of business/technology and pursuing a personal trainer diploma in London in 2015. I completed this qualification a year later, with the realisation that the human body is so much more than “muscle groups” and the metabolic energy systems. Physiology is so interesting to me and I wanted to get a deeper understanding of it. Α year later (December 2017) I sat exams to enter the Physical Education & Sport Science Faculty of the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens. I graduated my BSc in June 2021.

I am in my 2nd year Master’s in Sport Science at the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens. I work as the head windsurfing coach at Karavi Schinias and also as a strength and conditioning coach for athletes and individuals who want to improve their health and fitness.