My first fitness event

My first fitness event


Over the winter I have been approached by quite a few people who want to start windsurfing this season. The majority of them state they aren’t doing anything to maintain or improve their fitness, so they are skeptical about whether they will be able to learn the sport.
Windsurfing is for everyone, but it does require a minimum level of fitness. A beginner windsurfer needs to have balance, coordination and some level of cardiovascular fitness in order to be able to stand on the board, uphaul the sail and counterbalance the power of the wind with their body. Windsurfers control the force and direction of their equipment all the time with their grip on the boom and pressure on legs. In this way, a windsurfer is both motor and pilot.
That said, if you get off your couch or office desk and go straight on a windsurfing board, you are guaranteed to count many splashes before you can master windsurfing!

During my competitive career in windsurfing, I organized several windsurfing events, where I introduced people to the sport. What I found out through these events is that people need other people to start something with. People usually won’t turn up to the beach alone to say “Hi, I want to start windsurfing”. But if a friend of theirs rings them up and says “Hey, I tried windsurfing the other day and it’s awesome! There’s an event taking place in three weeks time, come on and join me to see how much fun it is!”, they will go through the roof. What I found out through my personal experience running windsurfing events is that the social aspect is important for people to start any kind of sport or exercise. It’s not much fun to do anything on your own, is it?

In 2015 I embarked on a new career by working my first full season as a windsurfing instructor, all while I was completing my personal trainer diploma in London and working with people on a one to one basis. Having trained some of my windsurfing students off the water as well, I can now see how performance and progress in windsurfing tie closely with what someone does in their everyday lives. If you’re sat in a desk all day – even if you’re standing but still doing the same kind of movement the whole week, like e.g. doctors or hairdressers (at least these people are moving a bit, instead of spending a full 10 hours in a desk typing), you don’t have many chances in becoming an expert in windsurfing – or any kind of sport.

One thing I have experienced first hand from running windsurfing events in the past is the power that a group has in achieving a goal. I also know for a fact how much more fun and motivating it is to meet like-minded people for a day of windsurfing, for a workout, for anything really.

With this in mind, my vision is to get people from all kinds of backgrounds together with the goal of getting fitter and healthier. To empower them to start living a better and happier life and become the best they can. I know many people, boys and girls alike, who don’t like going to the gym and won’t start any form of workout on their own. Through these events, I am hoping that the participants will become friends, that they will start working out together outdoors or at the gym, that they will be there for each other and that they will support each other towards getting fitter and healthier. The events will initially be held in an indoor space and -as we’re getting further into spring and summer- will move outdoors. We will also work out at the beach, promised!

Living a better life has a lot to do with living and breathing in a healthy body. It has to do with having people there for you when you are down. Having people remind you where you’re headed and pick you up every time you fall. This is the power of doing anything in a group.
Dates and booking details here! Hope to see you turn up at one of my events!