Getting back into fitness after summer

Getting back into fitness after summer

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If you’ve been relaxing on a sunbed all summer and taking it easy in general (good for you!!!), the mere thought of getting back into a regular exercise routine may seem unsurmountable. I totally get it.
Getting back into a healthy routine doesn’t have to be hard, though. Plus, setting health goals for fall and winter will increase your overall motivation and positive outlook on life.

My top tips for September are:

1. Start small. Set a doable goal that works for you and build up from there. An example would be to walk two times per week for 20’ and increase this time by 5’ every week till you hit 40’ or 60’. Or work on increasing reps or sets of a specific exercise(s) of your workout. Start with something easily achievable and go for slow and steady progress.

2. Be consistent. Even if there are setbacks and you only have 10 minutes to spare, lace up your trainers and get moving. If you don’t have time to show up for your planned gym session or class, find 4 square meters in your house, office or local park and move your body. Those 10 minutes will significantly decrease your odds of missing another and another and another workout if things go wrong. We all have hectic lifestyles, just remember to stay consistent with your workout schedule!

3. Don’t overdo it. A lot of the people I coach have this “idea” that they can pick up their routine from where they left it a month or two before. Nope. Start with a few minutes every couple of days and slowly build up session duration and intensity.

4. Don’t forget to stretch after your sessions and also rest in-between them! I can’t stress this out enough. Stretching is of paramount importance when you are getting back into fitness. Resting is also equally important as working out, as your body needs to recover from the work you put it through. If you need somewhere to start, have a look at my youtube channel videos!

5. Set goals. Know where you’re headed and make sure you make your goals specific, measurable and time-bound. Write them down so you can revisit and modify them as needed.

Good luck!