Fitness Beach Challenge

Fitness Beach Challenge


There is no better way to have a blast at the beach (when not on the water with a board!!!) than with a sweaty workout and a party. I hosted my third fitness event at Salty Wave beach club in Schinias on Sunday July 17th, 2016. For this beach workout I teamed up with Eftichia Giannoglou, a fellow trainer based in Athens.

We split the workout in 5 sections. We started with a circuit of 5 exercises performed back to back for 15 times each, then took the participants through 5 cardio drills which were timed (30’’ work, 15’’ rest), then more bodyweight exercises (5 exercises in a circuit format with 15’’ rest between them) and finished off with some fun partner exercises where participants worked together in pairs.

 Despite the heat on that late afternoon, the participants challenged their limits and all managed to make a step closer to their goals.

After the workout, we rushed to the water for a refreshing SUP session and then hanged out at the bar, where a DJ was playing relaxing music, perfect for our night chit chat by the sea. I felt like I was somewhere on a greek island, far away from Athens.

We left the beach super stoked with our ideas about the next event, which all came from the participants!

It was good to see you all crushing it at the beach. Thanks to Salty Wave for hosting us and thanks to all of you who took part!
See you next time!