I love working as a Personal Trainer. All studios I work with have everything we might need for the most efficient and results driven workout possible. I also run sessions out in the open, as the weather in Greece is fantastic throughout the year!Fitness1

I am available to come to your gym, house or workplace for private sessions (travel costs may apply depending on where you are based).

We will start with an initial consultation in order to establish your training goals, so that I can design your weight loss, toning, muscle building or cardiovascular conditioning strategy – whatever it is that you are trying to achieve by committing to an exercise program!

We will also do an analysis of your nutrition, so that we can start off on the right foot by establishing your nutritional goals. It is true that great abs are made in the kitchen, not solely in the gym! 80% of how you look and feel depends on what you eat and drink.

Whether you’re looking to improve your lifestyle by getting into regular exercise, get some new ideas for your workouts, eat better or completely overhaul your life, I am your lady. I can guarantee that every session will be a step forward into reaching your goals!

Personal training:

This is what you need if you want one-on-one time with me to be able to ask questions, get individualised attention or that little extra push to get started. This is ideal for beginners, those who haven’t exercised in a while, those recovering from an injury and those who are serious about fitness.

Sessions are typically 1 hour in duration, depending on your goals, time available and experience.

Fitness2Express personal training:

These 40 minute sessions provide the same attention and motivation that is given in a full hour session. They are designed to fit within 40 minutes and they are perfect for a quick break from work or in-between running errands!

Semi-private training :
These sessions are designed for two people. You can train with a friend, your partner, or team-up with  someone I am already training!

Group training:
These sessions are designed for groups of maximum 5 people, who can have the same or different fitness goals each!

Workouts to Go:Evi

Designed for those who can’t meet with a trainer on a regular basis (if we can’t physically meet, if you travel a lot, if you prefer to work out on your own, if you cannot afford to work with a trainer on a one-on-one basis). These workouts can be followed either at your local gym or at home with small equipment. They are available as a total body workout, or split to muscle groups according to your individual needs. Each workout lasts up to an hour and you follow them for 6 weeks.

6-week exercise & nutrition plan


  • Medical & nutritional assessment
  • Exercise & nutritional goal setting
  • Custom workout & meal plan based on your personal goals/preferences (exercises to reach your fitness goals, different meals every day, change of meal plan every 2 weeks)
  • Bi-weekly check-ins/adjustments for consistent results
  • Access to personal email for any questions along the way

No matter how out of shape you are, you can turn it around by taking action today. Action is the only way to change things!